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BioMRF believes that a combination of technologies is required to achieve the ambitious zero-landfill goal pursued globally by environmentally conscious communities.

Organic waste, biosolids and digestate can be efficiently treated with a variety of technologies, including tunnel composting which, combined with air biofiltration, has superior capabilities in controlling pathogens, moisture, and odors. In Europe, tunnel composting is the state-of-the-art aerobic conversion system and is preferred when there is a neighboring community.

BioMRF offers to the Italian waste industry the robotic sorting technology using Artificial Intelligence developed by Machinex, a leader in the design and construction of MRFs, and to the North American market RDF densification machines built by MTD, an Italian manufacturer which since the 80ies has been producing flat-die pelletizers with a diameter of up to 708” (1700 mm).

The technologies offered today by BioMRF are advanced and part of the 4.0 Industry. The company’s commitment is to continue to develop waste treatment technologies and search for innovative partners to make its current offer only the beginning for what is to come.

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BioMRF, from 1993, is a provider of waste treatment systems including efficient biotechnologies: intensive composting tunnels, aerated static pile curing and biofiltration of exhausted air. 

These three technologies can be used together in a biotreatment facility for successfully converting organic waste into compost, or mixed MSW into biodried RDF.

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Converting non-recyclable waste into a fuel which can be beneficially used in cement factories and dedicated boilers is crucial to achieve a zero-landfill goal. BioMRF offers to the waste industry of North America the unique flat-die pelletizers built by MTD in Verona, Italy. With a diameter up to 708” (1700 mm) and a geared transmission, the MTD pelletizers are powerful and reliable equipment.   

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BioMRF offers in Italy the SamurAI, a robotic sorting system developed and built by Machinex for replacing manual sorting of recyclable waste. The technology is based on Artificial Intelligence integrating self-learning, computation, networking and automated sorting. This innovation is appreciated by the recycling companies having a hard time filling manual sorting jobs.

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