Since 1993 BioMRF is a Champion 

of Circular Economy

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Facilities run with renewable energy

When BioMRF was established in 1993, sustainability or circular economy were not words of common use as they are today. In all these years, the company offered to their founders the opportunity to cultivate their passion for the protection of the environment, while helping its Client to recover resources, save energy, reduce wastewater, control noise and fight air pollution.


Remote control to facilities 

The technologies proposed by BioMRF are  part  of  Industry  4.0  and  allow   for improving the plant capacity, the quality of products and the work environment.   By using advanced digital technologies, BioMRF has successfully commissioned a waste treatment plant from remote, an approach that a few years ago would have been unthinkable.


Architecture approach to industrial buildings

An efficient waste treatment plant requires a sound process and robust equipment, and often the details can make a difference. A modern and simple design is always appreciated when it comes with superior performance and reliability. BioMRF pays attention also to style and details, because in a modern facility the visual impact is part of its success.


Worldwide offices at Regus

Since 2015, BioMRF’s business is based on smart  working, which saves time, cuts fixed costs  and  increases efficiency.  Our vision to expand globally could not exist  without  Regus,  that  in San Diego, and many other places, offers office space, meeting rooms and services to BioMRF Technologies Inc. and provides us with access to thousands of locations.


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