The systems BioMRF offers
to waste management and recycling businesses, municipal authorities and waste generators include the Ecomaster Biotunnel, an in-vessel fully automated system that optimizes the composting process and prevents bad odours from spreading.

About us

BioMRF Technologies Inc. provides waste management operators with in-vessel composting and biodrying facilities for the treatment of a variety of materials: food waste, yard waste, biosolids, digested organics, biomass, mixed MSW (sorted/unsorted) and animal by-products.

Every plant designed by BioMRF is tailor made to meet any request or demand.
Each installation is fully automated and controlled by a proprietary software.
We bring our experience from more than 100 Biotunnels currently active in Italy

A special first semester for BioMRF’s licensor sales: after the triplet in Lithuania, Atzwanger gets another contract in Japan, including design and equipment for ten composting tunnels and relative odor control system. The owner of the facility, a private waste management company, will process separately two streams, source separated organic waste and mixed MSW, to produce high quality compost and bio-dried RDF which will be sold to a paper mill. The project is located in Mitoyo-shi, Prefecture of Kagawa.

Welcome to our website
We are pleased that you are interested in learning about our company and our activities in North America and the Caribbean. BioMRF Technologies offers proven solutions to waste recycling and waste management businesses, municipal authorities and waste generators. If you are searching for large scale in-vessel composting in particular, you have come to the right place. Please see our upcoming events, check our references and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.