Luigi Castelli, President of BioMRF

BioMRF Technologies was established in Italy in 1993 as a technology provider in the waste industry. The subsidiary Ecomaster, a full design-build contractor company established in 1997, has developed into an internationally recognized company specializing in the treatment of municipal waste and has since merged with the Atzwanger Group (Bolzano, Italy).

Luigi Castelli, President and co-founder of BioMRF, is an Italian engineer who has played a significant role in the waste and pollution control industry over the past 30 years with his innovations in the fields of solid waste treatment, renewable energy, air pollution and noise control.

BioMRF offers North American and Caribbean markets the Ecomaster Biotunnel System, a modular technology successfully proven in more than 100 units. With the growing need for sustainability, we believe that efficient and environment-friendly biological plants for the landfill diversion of organic waste are required in North America. 

To prevent the emission of odors, the BioMRF facilities are completely enclosed and include a carefully engineered biofiltration system for the treatment of the exhausted air.

BioMRF has adapted the Ecomaster Biotunnel technology to the US market. The company offers, under a license agreement with Atzwanger, full service, including design, construction and plant start-up to recycling firms, municipal authorities and waste generators.Upon request, the company can provide its Clients with additional services, such as training, plant operation, tele-monitoring and assistance in marketing the compost product.

The shareholders of BioMRF strongly believe that a company operating in the environmental business needs to adhere to high standards and personal values, which are essential to establishing strong and mutually beneficial relationships with all Clients.